Sports analytics

Accurately track athletes or objects of interest in a sports venue or on an event, using our wearable trackers and our real-time location system (RTLS). Our system has been used at Olympic games, Diamond league events, and more!​

Power up athletes and coaches with

Features for sports

Continuous visualisation

Track athletes continuously in real-time

Full sensor integration

Sensor data and other metadata continuously integrated with position data

Replay & analyze

Form relationships between existing shopping analytics and location data


Accurate athlete tracking around the sports venue using wearable trackers. Provide accurate visualisations, smart interactions, clear statistics, …

Runner positions on a track

Used at

Winter sports

Tracking skis and snowboards

Our tracking devices can be attaches to ski's or snowboard. Gather sensordata over UWB to track the athlete's position, the angle of ski's, and more!

Vehicle sports & entertainment

Accurate vehicle tracking in your venue. Provide smart interactions, produce statistics, …

3D Kart track with racers

Equestrian sports

Locate riders very precisely in real-time at horse shows, accurately viewing their trajectory as they take on obstacles. Replay the logged trajectory and sensory data afterwards, gather analytics, etc. !