RTLOC provides two core solutions: proximity detection and position tracking

Easy-to-deploy, highly accurate

Proximity detection

This solution sets up a smart mesh of tags, where each tag knows the distance to the other one. Since there are no anchors (infrastructureless) , no exact positions are calculated. This makes the solution easy to deploy and less hard-ware intensive. Ultra-wideband two-way ranging offers the best possible detection accuracy.

local indoor & outdoor, high performance

Position tracking

RTLOC’s positioning system enables a user to track the position of arbitrary objects in real timewith accuracy up to 10 cm, both indoor and outdoor. The positioning is driven by wireless tagsthat are attached to objects or people while fixed reference anchors.

Anchors are installed across the area. They are comparable to satellites in a GNSS positioningsystem (“GPS”). The anchors interact wirelessly with tag devices, through a two-way ranging(TWR) scheme. The position of the tags is calculated using trilateration by the location engine on alocal server.