Need help integrating position-related technology in your solutions? We can provide engineering services!

Integration & customization

You might have experimented with Ultra-Wideband solutions like Qorvo’sor similar devices already. But you also need specific extra functionality or performance. We can co-engineer hardware (anchors, tags, …) to fit your application needs. Our embedded systems specialists can also customize the firmware and offer dedicated API’s, allowing for the best possible integration with your own solution.

App development

You need your own application with integrated position tracking, and are looking for a development team to tackle this problem? We can help you with that, or work together with a specialized agency (e.g. specialized in mobile app development) to get the ideal end product.

RTLS setup support

We will help you with anchor placement and other practicalities, and we can train your staff on how to deploy the positioning or distancing system. We can also provide remote or on-site support if you have problems with your running RTLS system.