Our product

An introduction to our RTLS product which provide in an OEM fashion


UWB Positioning System

We provide extremely accurate (10cm) real-time 3D (or 2D or 2,5D) position tracking of objects or people as an OEM. With our tracking solution, you can provide accurate timing, augmented experiences, security, and more. Even in non-line-of-sight conditions.

We can act as a technology provider, allowing seamless integration into your company’s solution. Inquire about partnerships with RTLOC.

Get your assets tracked using our extremely accurate ultra-wideband (UWB) tracking solution (RTLS), based on TDOA and TWR algorithms. This information can be used to obtain better performance, more security or more safety. 

Starter kits

To quickly start tracking, we have kits available with just the right contents. The introduction kit will get you started quickly at a slightly reduced accuracy and throughput, while our professional kit demonstrate the full capabilities of our RTLS solution. Inquire about these kits 

What makes our system unique?

Here’s why we’re trusted by top sports tech integrators and universities

These features make us unique:

  • We do not require every anchor to be wired. We can get all data from the anchors from one anchor which we call the “listener”. Of course, some redundancy can be built in as well.
  • Easy setup / installation. Set up the hardware, bring up our RTLS Manager program and you’re good to go. Our devices will start signalling and automatically be detected and configured by the software, over the air.
  • Advanced real-time debugging capabilities. View all UWB messages and filter them with high-speed during operation.