Product FAQ

Technology- and product-related questions + answers

The average accuracy is 10-30cm. But it depends on several parameters such as anchor placement, the movement speed of the tracked object/person, line-of-sight (LOS) conditions, etc.

No, our software can be used without our hardware. You can use tags/anchors from other vendors. For example, the DWM1001 boards by Decawave.

Anchors can be powered using Power Over Ethernet (PoE), USB or a power supply. Tags can be power over USB or using a LiPo battery. Listener anchors need a network connection as well (preferably ethernet).

No, unlike e.g. camera-based localization

Depending on the antenna, a single anchor can have a very different range. By deploying many anchors, the system as a whole can have a wider range as well. Ranges vary between approximately 50-200 meter  (165-656ft). 

Ultra-wideband, although currently more expensive, can have several advantages over competing technologies. Take a look at our technology comparison for a better overview!

UWB utilizes a broad frequency band and low transmit power. As such it does cause interference for narrowband RF technologies. It does not suffer from interference due to these signals either.