Proximity detection

A smart mesh for distance tracking. Ideal for checking social distancing and safety applications.

Easy-to-deploy, highly accurate

Distance ranging

The distance measurements are obtained through the use of ultra-wideband (UWB) technology. UWB technology enables high-speed centimeter precision measurements and is robust against interference, such that your distance-based safety applications are guaranteed to be effective.

Our mobile proximity alerting tags continuously monitor the distances between the tags in a full mesh topology. Distance data, breach events and other sensor data can be offloaded from the tags via several supported interfaces (Bluetooth, Ethernet, serial) for easy integration with your existing infrastructure.

The deployment of our safety solution is as simple as switching on the desired number of tags. No fixed infrastructure is needed, so there’s no installation work. The tags self-organize into a dynamic and collision-free ranging swarm.

Ensure safety on the workfloor using highly-accurate UWB ranging

Use case: industrial safety

Alert for danger

In dangerous situations (like a near collision) a LED. sound and/or vibration can be triggered.

Log interactions

Keep track of how many dangerous situations occurred, to manage safety on the workfloor.

Anonymous by default

The devices do not need to store any personal data (only IDs) and do not require an active connection.

Check social distancing regulations using our ranging solution

Use case: social distancing

Trigger a reminder

When social distancing rules are not respected, a LED and/or sound and/or vibration can be triggered.

Contact tracing

Contact tracing: keep track of possible contaminations.