Proximity detection

A smart mesh for distance tracking. Ideal for checking social distancing and safety applications.

A distance ranging mesh for safety

The concept

Each tag device will detect the distance (the “proximity”) to other tags around, whether they’re worn by a person or attached to a vehicle or machine. Reminder signals can directly increase safety while the extraction of data can help improve safety processes.

We can act as a technology provider, allowing seamless integration into your company’s solution. Inquire about partnerships with RTLOC.

Social distancing

Our distance ranging solution can provide value in production environments or shopping malls

Trigger an reminder

When social distancing rules are not respected, a LED and/or sound and/or vibration can be triggered.

Anonymous by default

The devices do not store any personal data and do not require an active connection.

Log interactions

Contact tracing: keep track of possible contaminations.

An alternative setup involving only tags

A full smart mesh

This solution sets up a smart mesh of tags, where each tag knows the distance to the other one by performing two-way ranging (TWR). Since there are no anchors, no exact positions are calculated. This makes the solution easy to deploy, less hard-ware intensive and as such less costly.


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