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UWB used in Apple’s new tracker

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Ultra-wideband (UWB) technology

Using UWB ranging, distance accuracies of up to 5-10cm can be attained. This accuracy outperforms other RF technologies, as also explained on our technology page. Also, UWB provides low latency and it is not susceptible to narrowband interference. These characteristics make UWB suitable for indoor location tracking.

Apple and UWB

According to recent rumours, Apple’s new Tile-like tracker will feature ultra-wideband (UWB) technology. If you’ve been following Apple closely, this should not come as a surprise. They have filed quite a few UWB-related patents in the past few years. A patent filed this year details the use of Bluetooth and UWB for access control systems. Another recent patent describes further details on UWB ranging.

Now if they release a tracker device with a UWB chip, logically they would integrate UWB into their iPhone as well. As such, distance measurements can be performed between the two devices.

Possible implications

The use of UWB by a tech giant such as Apple could be huge for UWB as a technology. Will UWB (finally) start getting the tracktion it deserves?

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