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We’re a technology provider for extremely accurate distances or XYZ position data in real-time, ready for your system or application. Indoor or outdoor, for Sports and other applications!

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Easy-to-deploy, highly accurate

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Tracking Solutions

We provide extremely accurate (10cm) real-time 3D (or 2D or 2,5D) position or proximity tracking of objects or people as an OEM. With our tracking solution, you can provide accurate timing, augmented experiences, security, and more. Even in non-line-of-sight conditions.

Get your assets tracked using our extremely accurate ultra-wideband (UWB) tracking solution (RTLS), based on TDOA and TWR algorithms. This information can be used to obtain better performance, more security or more safety. 

We can act as a technology provider (we provide an API), allowing seamless integration into your company’s solution. Inquire about partnerships with RTLOC.

Ultra-wideband can offer more accurate tracking than existing RF solutions, with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Follow these links for more details on our system or the used technology, and a comparison to other localization technologies:

Easy-to-deploy, highly accurate

Proximity detection

This solution sets up a smart mesh of tags, where each tag knows the distance to the other one. Since there are no anchors (infrastructureless) , no exact positions are calculated. This makes the solution easy to deploy and less hard-ware intensive. Ultra-wideband two-way ranging offers the best possible detection accuracy.

Position tracking

RTLOC’s positioning system enables a user to track the position of arbitrary objects in real timewith accuracy up to 10 cm, both indoor and outdoor. The positioning is driven by wireless tagsthat are attached to objects or people while fixed reference anchors.

Anchors are installed across the area. They are comparable to satellites in a GNSS positioningsystem (“GPS”). The anchors interact wirelessly with tag devices, through a two-way ranging(TWR) scheme. The position of the tags is calculated using trilateration by the location engine on alocal server.

Applicable area's

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Starter kit

To quickly start tracking, we have a kit available with just the right amount of devices and a software development license. It will get you started quickly with our positioning or proximity solutions. 

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Possible features

...besides accurate position tracking


Measure how long it takes to go from one place to the other. Draw a virtual start and finish line and immediately start timing the object you follow with an astonishing accuracy of up to 0.01 sec.


Find out when objects move out of a specified area. Draw or import your map, create zones, tag objects you want to follow and get alarmed whenever that object is not where it is supposed to be.

Event statistics

Gather statistics on every single event possible in the system. Define your own counters (such as: how many times did the speed of the object go over 20km/h) and collect invaluable information.

Movement detection

Detect whenever the object you’re tracking is moving. You will know when an object is falling before it actually hit the ground. Predefine movements in order to only be notified on very specific events.

Proximity detection

Detect how close objects are moving towards each other with extreme accuracy. Get notified whenever objects move too close together.

Communication channel

Use ultra-wideband as data backhaul for IOT applications. Or send messages to hard-to-reach places without any extra cabling or expensive electronics.

Specific needs?

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RTLOC introduction

This video demonstrates the basics on RTLOC’s local position tracking and proximity ranging using ultra-wideband technology.


Why professionals like to work with us
RTLOC is one of those companies you want to work with. A small but very dedicated team with world-class expertise in UWB and position tracking techniques, passionate to set up ambitious projects with exciting results. Love it!
The position tracking solution which RTLOC provides is top-notch. It allows us to optimize the workflow in our warehouses and as a result increase productivity and safety.
Kris Gillis
CEO @ Gillis storage
It’s a real pleasure to follow RTLOC closely as they grow fast during this Start-up accelerator program. As founders, Wim and Frederic are both open-minded, curious and ambitious. They combine their technical excellence with a clear result-oriented vision. The future looks bright for RTLOC!

Proximity detection

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